Stressed About Life? Get Clarity With A Free Tarot Reading

New York, NY – ( NewMediaWire[1] ) – December 01, 2020 – Have you ever been confused about your personal or your love life? Perhaps you need guidance on big financial decisions? Free tarot readings could help you delve into your subconscious and help you gain insight into life’s challenges.

Tarot card reading is not just about your future; it manifests your goals for your present and future best possible outcome. Your intuition is a beautiful tool and the driving force in tarot card readings.

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What is a tarot card reading? 

Tarot card reading is a means to help you discern possible problems in your life and bring you clarity on how to move forward. You start by shuffling a deck of tarot cards and using your instinct to select the cards that will be used for your reading.

You will then evaluate the imagery on the cards, and it will tell you the lessons you need to learn in your life and make decisions about living the most inspired life. If you tap into your innermost mind, you will receive the wisdom that you already possess by following the tarot card guide.

A Tarot card reading is not about seeing the future. It is about tapping into your intuitive mind and using your intuition to interpret your cards. Some people are naturally psychic[4], and others can use tarot readings to understand their lives better; past, present, and future.

Choosing a deck

There are thousands of different decks, each with their designs on them. When choosing a deck, you need to be specific and select one that speaks to you.

You could choose a deck that is themed around Alice in Wonderland, or if you feel it should be more mystical, you can select one with magicians or fairies. Some decks can have your favorite cartoon character on it, or you may want a more powerful meaning like a deck with Greek gods on it.

Whichever deck speaks to you and fits your personality, that is the one to use for your readings.

Pick the one that gives you peace and joy when looking at it. There are exactly 78 cards in a tarot deck, and of these, 22 are the Major Arcana cards. These cards represent a powerful source of your wisdom and perception. Meanwhile, there are 56 Minor Arcana cards. These cards represent the trials and tribulations that we experience in our daily lives.

Minor Arcana Cards

There are 56 Minor Arcana cards; this is made up of 4 suits. These are the suits of Cups, Wands, Swords and Coins.  Each of these suits contains 14 cards. A suite in the Minor Arcana cards[5] is numbered from 1 to 10 and followed by a page, knight, king, and queen. They are similar to a regular deck of cards.

These 56 cards help put you on the pathway to introspection and self-awareness.

When reading your minor cards, they help provide insight into life’s temporary issues and issues that have less significant impact on your existence.

A free tarot reading[6], which uses these cards, can help you understand the day to day issues that may be holding you back from living your most satisfactory life. 

Major Arcana Cards

The 22 Major Arcana cards are usually the most impactful. These cards are more detailed and represent significant events in our lives. They can provide us with a greater understanding of life’s challenges and how we should move forward to deal with them.

These cards also show us significant events from our past because if you have not dealt with them, they could influence our present and future.

A great example of this would be the Empress card. When in the upright position, it can speak to you about new beginnings and vitality. The reverse situation speaks of your indecision and doubt that prevent you from growing in certain aspects of your life.

Using Your Cards

Now that you have your deck, shuffle the cards while thinking about an area in your life that needs enlightenment (You can, of course, do this with the aid of a psychic). You mix the cards in your hands because you want to form a physical connection with the cards.

Keep the deck face down while you think about the emotions you may be feeling and the parts of your life you need improvement. Is it work, family, finances, or your love life?

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Past, Present, and Future  

When learning about your cards, most people start with the past, present, or future. Reveal three cards from the top of the deck and flip them over from left to right.

Please take notice of your cards, meditate on them for a few minutes, and pay attention to the cards’ pictures, symbols, and details. What are your immediate thoughts? Next, read your point of reference that you are using to interpret the cards. It could be an online source or the one that came with the deck. Apply these meanings to your life and the challenges you may be facing.

The more readings you do, the more you will begin to rely on your intuition in reading the cards. You will learn to tap into your psychic ability. Take your time and be patient with yourself as you navigate around tarot readings and your path to spiritual healing.

It is common for tarot readings to be therapeutic and provide significant and positive information about yourself. Research for yourself and you will see how your tarot readings are used in therapy as well.

If going it alone seems intimidating, you can get a free tarot reading with a professional psychic, to have a better understanding of how to do this.

Working with your Higher Self

When performing a personal tarot reading, you can access your inner wisdom by tapping into your subconscious mind. You will learn to interpret the images on the cards and make the necessary changes in your life to achieve your goals.

Many of us spend our lives intent on finding a deeper meaning to life and searching for a higher spirituality path. Sometimes it is a challenge discovering who we are and how to journey through life with positivity and wisdom, and that’s where tarot can provide guidance.

How Tarot Readings Can Help You

Free tarot readings have so much to offer, and a way for you to bring clarity to your life, by a number of means.  They can, for example, allow you to foresee personal challenges you may have and the best ways to solve them.

On a more basic level, they can also help you to work out how to face daily trials and tribulations that we all have to deal with, from relationships, to family, to friends, and work.

If you are struggling with an important, life changing personal decision, then you can allow the tarot reading to help you make the right choices in your life.

Using tarot cards can allow you to gain peace of mind and positive energy. The revelations you can come to during your free tarot reading leaves you free to let go of worry, indecision, and anxiousness, and live a better life.

There are many benefits to tarot readings and they can overcome the negativity, fear, or difficult emotions you may be experiencing. They will reveal to you the areas in your life that need improvement and how to live your best life.

Love and relationships

Are you still searching for the love of your life, but a past relationship is holding you back? Do you have emotional struggles from your childhood? Sometimes our emotional scars from the past can affect our present relationships with your lover, friends, or family. Tarot readings can help you discard negative energy and teach you to attract positivity into your life.

Free tarot readings can help shed some light as to what may be holding you back. Is it challenging to receive the love around you, or do you struggle to manage your relationships and stay present? It is essential to recognize your past relationships that can affect your future and overcome those emotions through your readings.

Another way to utilize your tarot reading is to reveal the positive and negative energies in your life relationships. The cards have a way of showing the toxic relationships in your life to help you make an enlightened decision about whether those people are meant to be in your life or help you repair the relationship.

The cards can also give you hope for the future if you have not found true love yet. It will teach you to be open to receiving love when it comes into your life and how to recognize it. Your free tarot reading is necessary to help you realize these relationships and nurture those that should stay while discarding those that should not.

Final Thoughts

Free tarot readings allow us to tap into our subconscious mind and gain insight into our past, present, and future selves. Select a deck that speaks to you and become familiar with your cards. Spend time meditating on what you want to get out of your reading. Evaluate your relationships, emotions, and vision for your future.

We can gain wisdom in the way we make decisions on an everyday basis. Get rid of the negative energy and thoughts. Manifest your goals into your present and future using your power of wisdom and intuition.

Tarot readings can be beneficial. Be understanding with yourself and know that the more you use your intuition and clarity on your mind and soul, the better your readings. Gain a new perspective on your outlook in life and delve deeper into your experiences through life to help you look forward to a better future. Your destiny is in your hands!

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