Noted Polymath Author Publishes Comprehensive Resource on Dream Interpretation

Dreams and their interpretation are the via regia to our true self. Dreams reflect our psychical-spiritual human being and our entire life.

    MADRID, SPAIN, December 15, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dr. Edward Schellhammer, respected author and founder of the Schellhammer Retreat[1] Center, has released a comprehensive book on dream interpretation. Modern Dream Theory abandons the image-specific approach dream dictionaries typically use in favor of an archetypical method that translates dreams into understandable messages.

Inspired by the work of Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung, Dr. Schellhammer categorizes dreams by their semantic meanings and gives readers a set of tools for understanding their inner nature. Key to this toolset is the understanding that the symbolic languages of dreams is unique to each individual – people dream about the people, places, and things most common to them.

However, the underlying messages that dreams convey can largely be categorized into several overarching group types. These include fear dreams, exam dreams, falling dreams, and death dreams. In his book, Dr. Schellhammer addresses what these dream types actually mean, and what sorts of symbols dreamers’ minds are likely to use to express those messages.

“Dreams and their interpretation are the via regia to our true self. Dreams reflect our psychical-spiritual human being and our entire life. They show us our origin and our aim. Each dream is a puzzle, because they speak a ‘foreign’ language. Many lack openness for this symbolic language that can actually be learned.” – Dr. Edward Schellhammer, Founder, Schellhammer Retreat Center.

Of particular importance is a mental function Dr. Schellhammer calls the inner spirit. This is the part of the dreamer’s mind that creates dreams and composes correctly practiced meditations. Dr. Schellhammer asserts that the inner spirit is not a human creation or a sociocultural construct, but the product of a spiritual-psychical framework that stands above all religious and dogmatic teaching.

Learn more about dreams, dream interpretations, and the meaning of dreams in Dr. Schellhammer’s groundbreaking book Modern Dream Theory[2].

About Dr. Edward Schellhammer

Dr. Edward Schellhammer[3] is the founder and president of the Schellhammer Education Group that includes the Schellhammer Retreat Center, Schellhammer Business School and the Schellhammer Institute. He is a philosopher, an expert on human matters, a psychologist, and a prolific author of over 30 titles on subjects as varied as psychology, politics, and economics.

The Schellhammer Retreat[4] Center, is an educational institution that offers a unique self-development program. The retreat focuses on discovery, spirituality, fulfillment, and self-exploration through the process of individuation.

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